Selected Press, Voter Participation Results

November 8 2018, The New York Times: When Medicaid Expands, More People Vote
November 9 2018, Fox Business: Medicaid expansion increases voter turnout: What that means for 2020

Selected Press, Emergency Department Results

October 19 2016, Washington Post: More evidence expanding Medicaid increases emergency room visits
October 19 2016, NPR: Emergency Room Use Stays High in Oregon Medicaid Study
October 19 2016, Marketplace: ER visits continue, despite insurance
October 20 2016, Forbes: Medicaid Expansion Causes Surge in ER Visits
January 2 2014, The New York Times: Emergency Visits Seen Increasing With Health Law
January 3 2014, The Wall Street Journal: Medicaid Expansion Drives Up Visits to ER
January 2 2014, Washington Post: Study: Expanding Medicaid doesn't reduce ER trips. It increases them.
January 2 2014, NPR: Medicaid Expansion Boosted Emergency Room Visits In Oregon
January 3 2014, PBS: Study on ER visits by people with Medicaid challenges theory they would go less
January 2 2014, CBS: Medicaid expansion increased emergency room visits, study finds
January 3 2014, Fox Business: ObamaCare Myths Busted!
January 2 2014, The Oregonian: Oregon study finds that Medicaid coverage increases emergency room visits

Selected Press, Clinical Results

October 20 2013, The New York Times: Yes, Economics Is a Science
May 7 2013, The New York Times: More Medicaid, More Health?
May 5 2013, The New York Times: What Health Insurance Doesn't Do
May 2 2013, Washington Post: Here’s what the Oregon Medicaid study really said
May 2 2013, The Wall Street Journal: The Oregon Trial
May 1 2013, NPR: Second Thoughts on Medicaid From Oregon's Unique Experiment
May 1 2013, The New York Times: Medicaid Access Increases Use of Care, Study Finds
May 2 2013, The New England Journal of Medicine: Editorial, Protecting Finances and Improving Access to Care with Medicaid

Selected Press, First Year Results

March 2013, The Economic Report of the President: Chapter 5, Reducing Costs and Improving the Quality of Health Care (pg 172)
July 26 2012, The Portland Tribune: Looking at the Dollars and Cents of Saving Lives
July 7 2012, The White House Blog: Health Insurance Leads to Healthier Americans
June 22 2012, The New York Times: Oregon Study Shows Benefits, and Price, for Newly Insured
July 17 2011, The New York Times: The Value of Medicaid
July 7 2011, The Wall Street Journal: Medicaid Coverage Makes a Big Difference
July 7 2011, The New York Times: First Study of Its Kind Shows Benefits of Providing Medical Insurance to Poor
July 7 2011, The Oregonian : Among Oregon's uninsured, an inadvertent experiment measures the impact of health coverage
July 7 2011, NPR: Medicaid Makes 'Big Difference' In Lives, Study Finds

Additional Coverage

Additional coverage in outlets such as The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, PBS, The Washington Post, and The Miami Herald.

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