Karen Clay, Joshua Lewis, Edson Severnini

NBER Working Paper No. 21635
Issued in October 2015, Revised in May 2018

---- Acknowledgments ----

We thank Martha Bailey, Antonio Bento, Christian Dippel, Walker Hanlon, and seminar participants at the 2015 NBER DAE Summer Meetings, the 2015 CNEH Meetings, the 2015 AERE Summer Conference, the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America, McGill, Carnegie Mellon, and USC for valuable comments and suggestions. Edson Severnini thanks the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago for research support and its generous hospitality during his semester-long visit, when part of this project was executed. Clay and Severnini acknowledge financial support from Heinz College and the Berkman Fund at Carnegie Mellon. Lewis acknowledges financial support from the University of Montreal. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

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