Victoria Y. Fan, Dean T. Jamison, Lawrence H. Summers

NBER Working Paper No. 22137
Issued in March 2016

---- Acknowledgments ----

The authors thank Branden Nakamura and Pamela Krueger (University of Hawai‘i) and Jennifer Nguyen (University of Washington) for valuable research assistance. Kristie Ebi (University of Washington) provided guidance to the literature on carbon emission levels and their costs. Julian Jamison and Olga Jonas of the World Bank provided helpful suggestions. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided partial financial support for this research through grants to the University of California, San Francisco, for the ‘Commission on Investing in Health (CIH), Phase 3’ and to the University of Washington for the ‘Disease Control Priorities Network’. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

---- Disclosure of Financial Relationships for Lawrence H. Summers ----

Author contributions: L.S. conceptualized the study with input from D.J. V.F. carried out the analyses. V.F. and D.J. wrote the first draft and all authors contributed to revision and writing of the final draft.

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