Hans Hvide

University of Bergen
Solvberget 12
5038 Bergen

E-Mail: hans.hvide@econ.uib.no
Institutional Affiliation: University of Bergen

NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2018Dinner Table Human Capital and Entrepreneurship
with Paul Oyer: w24198
We document three new facts about entrepreneurship. First, a majority of male entrepreneurs start a firm in the same or a closely related industry as their fathers’ industry of employment. Second, this tendency is correlated with intelligence: higher-IQ entrepreneurs are less likely to follow their fathers. Third, an entrepreneur that starts a firm in the same industry as where his father was employed tends to outperform entrepreneurs in the same industry whose fathers did not work in that industry. We consider various explanations for these facts and propose that “dinner table human capital”, where children obtain industry knowledge through their parents, is an important factor behind them.
March 2016University Innovation and the Professor's Privilege
with Benjamin F. Jones: w22057
National policies take varied approaches to encouraging university-based innovation. This paper studies a natural experiment: the end of the “professor’s privilege” in Norway, where university researchers previously enjoyed full rights to their innovations. Upon the reform, Norway moved toward the typical U.S. model, where the university holds majority rights. Using comprehensive data on Norwegian workers, firms, and patents, we find a 50% decline in both entrepreneurship and patenting rates by university researchers after the reform. Quality measures for university start-ups and patents also decline. Applications to literatures on university technology transfer, innovation incentives, and taxes and entrepreneurship are considered.

Published: Hans K. Hvide & Benjamin F. Jones, 2018. "University Innovation and the Professor's Privilege," American Economic Review, vol 108(7), pages 1860-1898. citation courtesy of

National Bureau of Economic Research
1050 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

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