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University of Chicago
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NBER Working Papers and Publications

December 2010Gun Control after "Heller": Litigating against Regulation
with Philip J. Cook, Jens Ludwig
in Regulation vs. Litigation: Perspectives from Economics and Law, Daniel P. Kessler, editor
October 2009Gun Control after Heller: Litigating against Regulation
with Philip J. Cook, Jens Ludwig: w15431
The "core right" established in D.C. vs. Heller (2008) is to keep an operable handgun in the home for self-defense purposes. If the Court extends this right to cover state and local jurisdictions, the result is likely to include the elimination of the most stringent existing regulations - such as Chicago's handgun ban - and could also possibly ban regulations that place substantial restrictions or costs on handgun ownership. We find evidence in support of four conclusions: The effect of Heller may be to increase the prevalence of handgun ownership in jurisdictions that currently have restrictive laws; Given the best evidence on the consequences of increased prevalence of gun ownership, these jurisdictions will experience a greater burden of crime due to more lethal violence and an incr...

Published: P.J. Cook, J. Ludwig, and A. Samaha. "Gun Control After Heller: Threats and Sideshows from a Social Welfare Perspective." UCLA Law Review 56.5 (June, 2009): 1041-1093.

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