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NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 1994Stabilization and Transition: Poland, 1990-91
with Olivier Jean Blanchard
in The Transition in Eastern Europe, Volume 1, Country Studies, Olivier Jean Blanchard, Kenneth A. Froot, and Jeffrey D. Sachs, editors
The Logistics of Privatization in Poland
in The Transition in Eastern Europe, Volume 2, Restructuring, Olivier Blanchard, Kenneth Froot, Jeffrey Sachs, editors
June 1988The Debt Crisis: Structural Explanations of Country Performance
with Jeffrey Sachs: w2607
This paper develops a cross-country statistical model of debt rescheduling, and the secondary market valuation of LDC debt, which links these variables to key structural characteristics of developing countries, such as the trade regime, the degree of income inequality, and the share of agriculture in GNP Our most striking finding is that higher income inequality is a significant predictor of a-higher probability of debt rescheduling in a cross-section of middle-income countries. We attribute this correlation to various difficulties of political management in economies with extreme inequality. We also find that outward-orientation of the trade regime is a significant predictor of a reduced probability of debt rescheduling.

Published: Journal of Development Economics 29 1988, 271-306translation in Trimestre Economica Vol. LVI, July 1989, Mexico citation courtesy of

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