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Department of Economics
University of British Columbia
#997 1873 East Mall
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1 CANADA

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Institutional Affiliation: University of British Columbia

NBER Working Papers and Publications

May 2013Putting the 'System' in the International Monetary System
with Michael D. Bordo: w19026
August 2011Why didn't Canada have a banking crisis in 2008 (or in 1930, or 1907, or ...)?
with Michael D. Bordo, Hugh Rockoff: w17312

Published: Michael D. Bordo & Angela Redish & Hugh Rockoff, 2015. "Why didn't Canada have a banking crisis in 2008 (or in 1930, or 1907, or …)?," The Economic History Review, vol 68(1), pages 218-243.

August 2005Seventy Years of Central Banking: The Bank of Canada in International Context, 1935-2005
with Michael D. Bordo: w11586
February 2004Good versus Bad Deflation: Lessons from the Gold Standard Era
with Michael D. Bordo, John Landon Lane: w10329
July 2003How "Original Sin" was Overcome: The Evolution of External Debt Denominated in Domestic Currencies in the United States and the British Dominions
with Michael D. Bordo, Christopher Meissner: w9841

Published: Eichengreen, Barry and Ricardo Haussmann (eds.) Other People’s Money. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004.

March 2003Is Deflation depressing? Evidence from the Classical Gold Standard
with Michael D. Bordo: w9520

Published: Burdekin, Richard C. K. and Pierre L. Siklos (eds.) Deflation: Current and Historical Perspectives. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004.

November 1996A Comparison of the Stability and Efficiency of the Canadian and American Banking Systems 1870-1925
with Michael D. Bordo: h0067


  • Anglo-American Financial Systems: Institutions and Markets in the Twentieth Century. Irwin One Publishers, 1995.
  • Financial History Review, vol. 3, part 1, pp. 49-68, April 1996.

November 1993A Comparison of the United States and Canadian Banking Systems in the Twentieth Century: Stability vs. Efficiency?
with Michael D. Bordo, Hugh Rockoff: w4546


  • "The U.S. Banking System from a Northern Exposure: Stability vs. Efficiency ." Journal of Economic History, Vol 54 (June 1994): 325-341.
  • R2085 same as wp title: in Anglo-American Financial Systems: Institutions and Markets in the Twentieth Century, Michael D. Bordo and Richard Sylla, eds., pp. 11-40, (Burr Ridge, IL: Irwin Professional Publishing, 1995).

A Small Open Economy in Depression: Lessons from Canada in the 1930s
with Caroline M. Betts, Michael D. Bordo: w4515

Published: Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. XXIX, no. 1, pp. 1-36, February 1996. citation courtesy of

March 1992Maximizing Seignorage Revenue During Temporary Suspensions of Convertibility: A Note
with Michael Bordo: w4024

Published: Oxford Economic Papers, , Vol 45., pp. 157-168 (1993) citation courtesy of

November 1987Credible Commitment and Exchange Rate Stability: Canada's Interwar Experience
with Michael D. Bordo: w2431

Published: Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 23, No. 2, pp. 357-380, (May 1990). citation courtesy of

November 1986Why did the Bank of Canada Emerge in 1935?
with Michael D. Bordo: w2079

Published: Bordo, Michael D. and Angela Redish. "Why did the Bank of Canada Emerge in 1935?" Journal of Economic History, Vol. XLVII, No. 2, June 1987, pp. 405-4 17. citation courtesy of

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