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NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2018Firm R&D Investment and Export Market Exposure
with Mark J. Roberts, Van Anh Vuong: w25228
February 2016Dynamic R&D Choice and the Impact of the Firm's Financial Strength
with Mark J. Roberts, Van Anh Vuong: w22035

Published: Bettina Peters & Mark J. Roberts & Van Anh Vuong, 2017. "Dynamic R&D choice and the impact of the firm's financial strength," Economics of Innovation and New Technology, vol 26(1-2), pages 134-149. citation courtesy of

August 2013Estimating Dynamic R&D Demand: An Analysis of Costs and Long-Run Benefits
with Mark J. Roberts, Van Anh Vuong, Helmut Fryges: w19374

Published: "Estimating Dynamic RD Demand: An Analysis of Costs and Long-Run Benefits", with Bettina Peters, Van Anh Vuong, and Helmut Fryges, Rand Journal of Economics, Vol. 48, No. 2 (Summer 2017), pp. 409-437

August 2008Does Innovation Stimulate Employment? A Firm-Level Analysis Using Comparable Micro-Data from Four European Countries
with Rupert Harrison, Jordi Jaumandreu, Jacques Mairesse: w14216

Published: Harrison, Rupert & Jaumandreu, Jordi & Mairesse, Jacques & Peters, Bettina, 2014. "Does innovation stimulate employment? A firm-level analysis using comparable micro-data from four European countries," International Journal of Industrial Organization, Elsevier, Elsevier, vol. 35(C), pages 29-43. citation courtesy of

December 2006Innovation and Productivity across Four European Countries
with Rachel Griffith, Elena Huergo, Jacques Mairesse: w12722

Published: Rachel Griffith & Elena Huergo & Jacques Mairesse & Bettina Peters, 2006. "Innovation and Productivity Across Four European Countries," Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Oxford University Press, vol. 22(4), pages 483-498, Winter. citation courtesy of

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