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NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2019Approximately Right?: Global v. Local Methods for Open-Economy Models with Incomplete Markets
with Oliver de Groot, Enrique G. Mendoza: w26426
September 2012On the Solvency of Nations: Cross-Country Evidence on the Dynamics of External Adjustment
with Enrique G. Mendoza, Marco E. Terrones: w18380

Published: Durdu, C. Bora & Mendoza, Enrique G. & Terrones, Marco E., 2013. "On the solvency of nations: Cross-country evidence on the dynamics of external adjustment," Journal of International Money and Finance, Elsevier, vol. 32(C), pages 762-780. citation courtesy of

May 2007Precautionary Demand for Foreign Assets in Sudden Stop Economies: An Assessment of the New Merchantilism
with Enrique G. Mendoza, Marco E. Terrones: w13123

Published: Durdu, Ceyhun Bora & Mendoza, Enrique G. & Terrones, Marco E., 2009. "Precautionary demand for foreign assets in Sudden Stop economies: An assessment of the New Mercantilism," Journal of Development Economics, Elsevier, vol. 89(2), pages 194-209, July. citation courtesy of

March 2005Are Asset Price Guarantees Useful for Preventing Sudden Stops?: A Quantitative Investigation of the Globalization Hazard-Moral Hazard Tradeoff
with Enrique G. Mendoza: w11178

Published: Durdu, Ceyhun and Enrique G. Mendoza. "Are Asset Price Guarantees Useful For Preventing Sudden Stops?: A Quantitative Investigation Of The Globalization Hazard-Moral Hazard Tradeoff," Journal of International Economics, 2006, v69(1,Jun), 84-119. citation courtesy of

September 2004Putting the Brakes on Sudden Stops: The Financial Frictions-Moral Hazard Tradeoff of Asset Price Guarantees
with Enrique G. Mendoza: w10790

Published: Enrique G. Mendoza & Ceyhun Bora Durdu, 2004. "Putting the brakes on Sudden Stops: the financial frictions - moral hazard tradeoff of asset price guarantees," Proceedings, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, issue Jun. citation courtesy of

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