Bradley Larsen

Department of Economics
Stanford University
579 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305
Tel: 617/286-2714

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NBER Affiliation: Faculty Research Fellow
Institutional Affiliation: Stanford University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2020Consumer Protection in an Online World: An Analysis of Occupational Licensing
with Chiara Farronato, Andrey Fradkin, Erik Brynjolfsson: w26601
July 2018A Mechanism Design Approach to Identification and Estimation
with Anthony Lee Zhang: w24837
June 2018The Simple Empirics of Optimal Online Auctions
with Dominic Coey, Kane Sweeney, Caio Waisman: w24698
February 2018Sequential Bargaining in the Field: Evidence from Millions of Online Bargaining Interactions
with Matthew Backus, Thomas Blake, Steven Tadelis: w24306


July 2017Identification in Ascending Auctions, with an Application to Digital Rights Management
with Joachim Freyberger: w23569
February 2016Discounts and Deadlines in Consumer Search
with Dominic Coey, Brennan Platt: w22038
March 2015IV Quantile Regression for Group-level Treatments, with an Application to the Distributional Effects of Trade
with Denis Chetverikov, Christopher Palmer: w21033

Published: Econometrica, 2016, 84(2), 809-833. citation courtesy of

September 2014The Bidder Exclusion Effect
with Dominic Coey, Kane Sweeney: w20523

Published: Dominic Coey & Bradley Larsen & Kane Sweeney, 2019. "The bidder exclusion effect," The RAND Journal of Economics, vol 50(1), pages 93-120. citation courtesy of

August 2014The Efficiency of Real-World Bargaining: Evidence from Wholesale Used-Auto Auctions
December 2013Bid Takers or Market Makers? The Effect of Auctioneers on Auction Outcomes
with Nicola Lacetera, Devin G. Pope, Justin R. Sydnor: w19731

Published: Nicola Lacetera & Bradley J. Larsen & Devin G. Pope & Justin R. Sydnor, 2016. "Bid Takers or Market Makers? The Effect of Auctioneers on Auction Outcome," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, vol 8(4), pages 195-229. citation courtesy of

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