Aline Bütikofer

Department of Economics
Norwegian School of Economics
Hellev. 30, N-5035 Bergen

E-Mail: aline.buetikofer@nhh.no
Institutional Affiliation: Norwegian School of Economics

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2017Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills and the Selection and Sorting of Migrants
with Giovanni Peri: w23877
There is growing evidence that cognitive and noncognitive skills are strong predictors of the economic and social outcomes of individuals. In this paper, we analyze how they affect the migration decisions of individuals over their lifecycles. We use data that combine military enlistment and administrative records for the male population born in 1932 and 1933 in Norway. Records of interviews with a psychologist at age 20 allow us to construct an index of `sociability' and `adaptability' for each individual, as well as an index of cognitive ability, the intelligence quotient. We find that adaptability and cognitive ability have significant and positive impacts on the probability of an individual migrating out of his area, whether this involves rural-urban, long distance, or international mig...
April 2013This Is Only a Test? Long-Run Impacts of Prenatal Exposure to Radioactive Fallout
with Sandra E. Black, Paul J. Devereux, Kjell G. Salvanes: w18987
Research increasingly shows that differences in endowments at birth need not be genetic but instead are influenced by environmental factors while the fetus is in the womb. In addition, these differences may persist well beyond childhood. In this paper, we study one such environmental factor – exposure to radiation – that affects individuals across the socio-economic spectrum. We use variation in radioactive exposure throughout Norway in the 1950s and early 60s, resulting from the abundance of nuclear weapon testing during that time period, to examine the effect of nuclear exposure in utero on outcomes such as IQ scores, education, earnings, and adult height, as well as whether these effects persist into the next generation. We find that exposure to low-dose nuclear radiation, specifically ...

Published: Sandra E. Black & Aline Bütikofer & Paul J. Devereux & Kjell G. Salvanes, 2019. "This Is Only a Test? Long-Run and Intergenerational Impacts of Prenatal Exposure to Radioactive Fallout," The Review of Economics and Statistics, vol 101(3), pages 531-546.

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