Carolyn Sloane

Department of Economics
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521

E-Mail: EmailAddress: hidden: you can email any NBER-related person as first underscore last at nber dot org
Institutional Affiliation: University of California at Riverside

NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2019A Cross-Cohort Analysis of Human Capital Specialization and the College Gender Wage Gap
with Erik Hurst, Dan Black: w26348
In this paper, we exploit new data to assess gender differences in pre-labor market specialization among the college educated and highlight how those differences have evolved over time. We highlight new results pertaining to gender differences in the mapping between undergraduate major and subsequent occupational sorting. To perform our analysis, we introduce new indices in potential wage space that measure gender differences in major choice and separately the subsequent occupational sorting conditional on major choice. We highlight that women both choose majors with lower potential earnings (based on male wages associated with those majors) and that they then subsequently sort into occupations with lower potential earnings given their major choice. We highlight that these differences have...

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