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NBER Working Papers and Publications

May 2020Three Myths about Federal Regulation
with Patrick A. McLaughlin: w27233
April 2020Economic Activity and the Value of Medical Innovation during a Pandemic
February 2020Prices and Federal Policies in Opioid Markets
September 2019The Employer Penalty, Voluntary Compliance, and the Size Distribution of Firms: Evidence from a Survey of Small Businesses
in Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 34, Robert A. Moffitt, editor
May 2018Non-linear Real Arithmetic Benchmarks derived from Automated Reasoning in Economics
with Russell Bradford, James H. Davenport, Matthew England, Zak Tonks: w24602
Quantifier Elimination for Deduction in Econometrics
November 2017The Employer Penalty, Voluntary Compliance, and the Size Distribution of Firms: Evidence from a Survey of Small Businesses
December 2016Automated Economic Reasoning with Quantifier Elimination
June 2016The Upside-down Economics of Regulated and Otherwise Rigid Prices
with Kevin K. Tsui: w22305
September 2015In-Kind Taxes, Behavior, and Comparative Advantage
July 2015Fiscal Policies and the Prices of Labor: A Comparison of the U.K. and U.S.

Published: Casey B. Mulligan, 2015. "Fiscal policies and the prices of labor: a comparison of the U.K. and U.S.," IZA Journal of Labor Policy, vol 4(1). citation courtesy of

October 2014The New Full-time Employment Taxes
in Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 29, Jeffrey R. Brown, editor
The New Full-time Employment Taxes
March 2014The ACA: Some Unpleasant Welfare Arithmetic
February 2014The Economics of Work Schedules under the New Hours and Employment Taxes
December 2013Wedges, Labor Market Behavior, and Health Insurance Coverage under the Affordable Care Act
with Trevor S. Gallen: w19770

Published: Trevor S. Gallen & Casey B. Mulligan, 2018. "Wedges, Labor Market Behavior, and Health Insurance Coverage under the Affordable Care Act," National Tax Journal, vol 71(1), pages 75-120. citation courtesy of

Wedges, Wages, and Productivity under the Affordable Care Act
with Trevor S. Gallen: w19771
October 2013Uncertainty, Redistribution, and the Labor Market

Published: Uncertainty, redistribution, and the labor market since 2007 Casey B MulliganEmail author IZA Journal of Labor Policy20143:8

August 2013Average Marginal Labor Income Tax Rates under the Affordable Care Act
Is the Affordable Care Act Different from Romneycare? A Labor Economics Perspective
May 2013Adjusting National Accounting for Health: Is the Business Cycle Countercyclical?
with Mark L. Egan, Tomas J. Philipson: w19058
December 2012The ARRA: Some Unpleasant Welfare Arithmetic
October 2012Recent Marginal Labor Income Tax Rate Changes by Skill and Marital Status
in Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 27, Jeffrey R. Brown, editor
September 2012Recent Marginal Labor Income Tax Rate Changes by Skill and Marital Status
May 2012Do Welfare Policies Matter for Labor Market Aggregates? Quantifying Safety Net Work Incentives since 2007
December 2011The Expanding Social Safety Net
November 2011Rising Labor Productivity during the 2008-9 Recession
September 2011Means-Tested Subsidies and Economic Performance Since 2007
September 2010Does Labor Supply Matter During a Recession? Evidence from the Seasonal Cycle
May 2010The Housing Cycle and Prospects for Technical Progress
April 2010The Marginal Products of Residential and Non-Residential Capital Through 2009
with Luke Threinen: w15897
March 2010Simple Analytics and Empirics of the Government Spending Multiplier and Other "Keynesian" Paradoxes

Published: Mulligan Casey B, 2011. "Simple Analytics and Empirics of the Government Spending Multiplier and Other "Keynesian" Paradoxes," The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, De Gruyter, vol. 11(1), pages 1-47, June. citation courtesy of

February 2010Foreclosures, Enforcement, and Collections under the Federal Mortgage Modification Guidelines
January 2010Aggregate Implications of Labor Market Distortions: The Recession of 2008-9 and Beyond
August 2009Means-Tested Mortgage Modification: Homes Saved or Income Destroyed?
February 2009What Caused the Recession of 2008? Hints from Labor Productivity
November 2008A Depressing Scenario: Mortgage Debt Becomes Unemployment Insurance
October 2008Market Responses to the Panic of 2008
with Luke Threinen: w14446
July 2008The Value of Life in General Equilibrium
with Anupam Jena, Tomas J. Philipson, Eric Sun: w14157
March 2008Political Entry, Public Policies, and the Economy
with Kevin K. Tsui: w13830

Published: Mulligan, Casey B. & Tsui, Kevin K., 2015. "Political entry, public policies, and the economy," Research in Economics, Elsevier, vol. 69(3), pages 377-397. citation courtesy of

October 2006Political Competitiveness
with Kevin K. Tsui: w12653
March 2005Social Security
NBER Reporter Spring 05
February 2005Selection, Investment, and Women's Relative Wages Since 1975
with Yona Rubinstein: w11159
November 2004The Closing of the Gender Gap as a Roy Model Illusion
with Yona Rubinstein: w10892
June 2004Conscription as Regulation
with Andrei Shleifer: w10558

Published: Casey B. Mulligan, 2005. "Conscription as Regulation," American Law and Economics Review, Oxford University Press, vol. 7(1), pages 85-111. citation courtesy of

February 2004Household vs. Personal Accounts of the U.S. Labor Market, 1965-2000
with Yona Rubinstein: w10320
What do Aggregate Consumption Euler Equations Say about the Capital Income Tax Burden?

Published: Mulligan, Casey B. "What Do Aggregate Consumption Euler Equations Say About The Capital-Income Tax Burden?," American Economic Review, 2004, v94(2,May), 166-170. citation courtesy of

January 2004Population and Regulation
with Andrei Shleifer: w10234
Robust Aggregate Implications of Stochastic Discount Factor Volatility
October 2003Do Democracies Have Different Public Policies than Nondemocracies?
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin, Ricard Gil: w10040

Published: Casey B. Mulligan & Ricard Gil & Xavier Sala-i-Martin, 2004. "Do Democracies Have Different Public Policies than Nondemocracies?," Journal of Economic Perspectives, American Economic Association, vol. 18(1), pages 51-74, Winter. citation courtesy of

August 2003Capital Tax Incidence: Fisherian Impressions from the Time Series
May 2003Social Security, Retirement, and the Single-Mindedness of the Electorate
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w9691
December 2002Capital, Interest, and Aggregate Intertemporal Substitution
Capital Tax Incidence: First Impressions from the Time Series
May 2002Social Security and Democracy
with Ricard Gil, Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w8958

Published: Casey B. Mulligan & Ricard Gil & Xavier X. Sala-i-Martin, 2010. "Social Security and Democracy," The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Berkeley Electronic Press, vol. 10(1). citation courtesy of

Economic Interpretations of Intergenerational Correlations
with Nathan D. Grawe: w8948

Published: Grawe, Nathan D. and Casey B. Mulligan. "Economic Interpretations Of Intergenerational Correlations," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2002, v16(3,Summer), 45-58. citation courtesy of

February 2002A Century of Labor-Leisure Distortions
A Dual Method of Empirically Evaluating Dynamic Competitive Equilibrium Models with Market Distortions, Applied to the Great Depression & World War II
November 2001The Empirical Frequency of a Pivotal Vote
with Charles G. Hunter: w8590

Published: Mulligan, Casey B and Charles G. Hunter. "The Empirical Frequency Of A Pivotal Vote," Public Choice, 2003, v116(1-2,Jul), 31-54. citation courtesy of

Labor Market Search and Optimal Retirement Policy
with Joydeep Bhattacharya, Robert R. Reed III: w8591

Published: Joydeep Bhattacharya & Casey B. Mulligan & Robert R. Reed, 2004. "Labor Market Search and Optimal Retirement Policy," Economic Inquiry, Oxford University Press, vol. 42(4), pages 560-571, October. citation courtesy of

March 2001Aggregate Implications of Indivisible Labor

Published: Advances in Macroeconomics, (B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics), Vol. 1: Iss. 1, Article 4 (2001). citation courtesy of

November 2000Time Use and Population Representation in the Sloan Study of Adolescents
with Barbara Schneider, Rurtin Wolfe: t0265
May 2000Merit Motives and Government Intervention: Public Finance in Reverse
with Tomas J. Philipson: w7698
April 2000Human Capital, Heterogeneity, and Estimated Degrees of Intergenerational Mobility
with Song Han: w7678

Published: Han, Song and Casey B. Mulligan. "Human Capital, Heterogeneity And Estimated Degrees Of Intergenerational Mobility," Economic Journal, 2001, v111(470,Apr), 207-243. citation courtesy of

Induced Retirement, Social Security, and the Pyramid Mirage
Can Monopoly Unionism Explain Publicly Induced Retirement?
May 1999Microfoundations and Macro Implications of Indivisible Labor

Published: Mulligan, Casey B. "Aggregate Implications Of Indivisible Labor," Advances in Macroeconomics, 2001, v1(1), Article 4.

Gerontocracy, Retirement, and Social Security
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w7117
Social Security in Theory and Practice (I): Facts and Political Theories
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w7118
Social Security in Theory and Practice (II): Efficiency Theories, Narrative Theories, and Implications for Reform
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w7119
January 1999Substition over Time: Another Look at Life-Cycle Labor Supply
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1998, volume 13, Ben S. Bernanke and Julio J. Rotemberg, editors
November 1998Deadweight Costs and the Size of Government
with Gary S. Becker: w6789

Published: Becker, Gary S & Mulligan, Casey B, 2003. "Deadweight Costs and the Size of Government," Journal of Law & Economics, University of Chicago Press, vol. 46(2), pages 293-340, October. citation courtesy of

May 1998Substitution over Time: Another Look at Life Cycle Labor Supply

Published: Bernanke, Ben S. and Julio J. Rotemberg (eds.) NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1998, Vol. 13. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1999.

December 1997Pecuniary Incentives to Work in the U.S. during World War II

Published: Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 106, no. 5 (October 1998): 1033-1077.

March 1997The Optimum Quantity of Money: Theory and Evidence
with Xavier X. Sala-i-Martin: w5954


March 1996Adoption of Financial Technologies: Implications for Money Demand and Monetary Policy
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w5504

Published: (Published as "Extensive Margins and the Demand for Money at Low Interest Rates") Journal of Political Economy (October 2000).

February 1995Measuring Aggregate Human Capital
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w5016

Published: Mulligan, Casey B & Sala-i-Martin, Xavier, 2000. " Measuring Aggregate Human Capital," Journal of Economic Growth, Springer, vol. 5(3), pages 215-52, September. citation courtesy of

A Labor-Income-Based Measure of the Value of Human Capital: An Application to the States of the United States
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w5018

Published: Japan and the World Economy, Vol 9, no. 2 (May 1997): 159-191. citation courtesy of

February 1992Transitional Dynamics in Two-Sector Models of Endogenous Growth
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w3986

Published: The Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol cviii, issue 3, August 1993, (MIT Press, Cambridge), p. 739 citation courtesy of

November 1991A Note on the Time-Elimination Method For Solving Recursive Dynamic Economic Models
with Xavier Sala-i-Martin: t0116

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