Charles G. Nathanson

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Northwestern University
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Evanston, IL 60208-0898

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Institutional Affiliation: Northwestern University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2017Directed Attention and Nonparametric Learning
with Ian Dew-Becker: w23917

Published: Ian Dew-Becker & Charles G. Nathanson, 2019. "Directed attention and nonparametric learning," Journal of Economic Theory, . citation courtesy of

May 2017Speculative Dynamics of Prices and Volume
with Anthony A. DeFusco, Eric Zwick: w23449
January 2017Arrested Development: Theory and Evidence of Supply-Side Speculation in the Housing Market
with Eric Zwick: w23030

Published: CHARLES G. NATHANSON & ERIC ZWICK, 2018. "Arrested Development: Theory and Evidence of Supply-Side Speculation in the Housing Market," The Journal of Finance, vol 73(6), pages 2587-2633.

March 2015An Extrapolative Model of House Price Dynamics
with Edward L. Glaeser: w21037

Published: Edward L. Glaeser & Charles G. Nathanson, 2017. "An extrapolative model of house price dynamics," Journal of Financial Economics, vol 126(1), pages 147-170.

August 2014Housing Bubbles
with Edward L. Glaeser: w20426

Published: Edward L. Glaeser, Charles G. Nathanson, Chapter 11 - Housing Bubbles, Editor(s): Gilles Duranton, J. Vernon Henderson, William C. Strange, Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, Elsevier, Volume 5, 2015, Pages 701-751, ISSN 1574-0080, ISBN 9780444595331, https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-444-59531-7.00011-9.

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