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NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2018Lazy Prices
with Lauren Cohen, Quoc Nguyen: w25084

Published: LAUREN COHEN & CHRISTOPHER MALLOY & QUOC NGUYEN, 2020. "Lazy Prices," The Journal of Finance, vol 75(3), pages 1371-1415.

July 2018IQ from IP: Simplifying Search in Portfolio Choice
with Huaizhi Chen, Lauren Cohen, Umit Gurun, Dong Lou: w24801

Published: Huaizhi Chen & Lauren Cohen & Umit Gurun & Dong Lou & Christopher Malloy, 2020. "IQ from IP: Simplifying search in portfolio choice," Journal of Financial Economics, .

September 2013Playing Favorites: How Firms Prevent the Revelation of Bad News
with Lauren Cohen, Dong Lou: w19429
August 2012Resident Networks and Firm Trade
with Lauren Cohen, Umit G. Gurun: w18312
Legislating Stock Prices
with Lauren Cohen, Karl B. Diether: w18291

Published: “Legislating Stock Prices” (with Karl Diether and Christopher Malloy), 2013. Journal of Financial Economics 110, 574-595.

October 2010Decoding Inside Information
with Lauren Cohen, Lukasz Pomorski: w16454

Published: “Decoding Inside Info rmation” (with Christop her Malloy and Lukasz Pomorski), 2012. Journal of Finance 67, 1009-1044.

Friends in High Places
with Lauren Cohen: w16437

Published: Cohen, Lauren, and Christopher J. Malloy. 2014. "Friends in High Places." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 6(3): 63-91.

March 2010Do Powerful Politicians Cause Corporate Downsizing?
with Lauren Cohen, Joshua D. Coval: w15839

Published: “Do Powerful Politicians Cause Corporate Downsizing?” (with Joshua Coval and Christopher Malloy), 2011. Journal of Political Economy 119, 1015-1060.

August 2008Hiring Cheerleaders: Board Appointments of "Independent" Directors
with Lauren Cohen, Andrea Frazzini: w14232

Published: Lauren Cohen & Andrea Frazzini & Christopher J. Malloy, 2012. "Hiring Cheerleaders: Board Appointments of "Independent" Directors," Management Science, INFORMS, vol. 58(6), pages 1039-1058, June. citation courtesy of

May 2008Sell Side School Ties
with Lauren Cohen, Andrea Frazzini: w13973

Published: Lauren Cohen & Andrea Frazzini & Christopher Malloy, 2010. "Sell-Side School Ties," Journal of Finance, American Finance Association, vol. 65(4), pages 1409-1437, 08. citation courtesy of

May 2007The Small World of Investing: Board Connections and Mutual Fund Returns
with Lauren Cohen, Andrea Frazzini: w13121

Published: Lauren Cohen & Andrea Frazzini & Christopher Malloy, 2008. "The Small World of Investing: Board Connections and Mutual Fund Returns," Journal of Political Economy, University of Chicago Press, vol. 116(5), pages 951-979, October. citation courtesy of

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