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NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2016The East Indian Monopoly and the Transition from Limited Access in England, 1600–1813
in Organizations, Civil Society, and the Roots of Development, Naomi R. Lamoreaux and John Joseph Wallis, editors
September 2015The East Indian Monopoly and the Transition from Limited Access in England, 1600-1813
January 2010Property Rights and Parliament in Industrializing Britain
with Gary Richardson: w15697

Published: Dan Bogart & Gary Richardson, 2011. "Property Rights and Parliament in Industrializing Britain," Journal of Law and Economics, University of Chicago Press, vol. 54(2), pages 241 - 274. citation courtesy of

November 2008Two Roads to the Transportation Revolution: Early Corporations in the United Kingdom and the United States
with John Majewski
in Understanding Long-Run Economic Growth: Geography, Institutions, and the Knowledge Economy, Dora L. Costa and Naomi R. Lamoreaux, editors
October 2008Estate Acts, 1600 to 1830: A New Source for British History
with Gary Richardson: w14393

Published: Dan Bogart, Gary Richardson (2010), Estate acts, 1600–1830: A new source for British history, in Alexander J. Field (ed.) Research in Economic History (Research in Economic History, Volume 27), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.1-50

June 2008Making Property Productive: Reorganizing Rights to Real and Equitable Estates in Britain, 1660 to 1830
with Gary Richardson: w14107

Published: Bogart, Dan & Richardson, Gary, 2009. "Making property productive: reorganizing rights to real and equitable estates in Britain, 1660?1830," European Review of Economic History, Cambridge University Press, vol. 13(01), pages 3-30, April. citation courtesy of

January 2008Institutional Adaptability and Economic Development: The Property Rights Revolution in Britain, 1700 to 1830
with Gary Richardson: w13757

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