Daniela Scur

Cornell University
Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Ithaca, NY
Tel: 6096517363

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Institutional Affiliation: Cornell University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

May 2014The New Empirical Economics of Management
with Nicholas Bloom, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun, John Van Reenen: w20102
Over the last decade the World Management Survey (WMS) has collected firm-level management practices data across multiple sectors and countries. We developed the survey to try to explain the large and persistent TFP differences across firms and countries. This review paper discusses what has been learned empirically and theoretically from the WMS and other recent work on management practices. Our preliminary results suggest that about a quarter of cross-country and within-country TFP gaps can be accounted for by management practices. Management seems to matter both qualitatively and quantitatively. Competition, governance, human capital and informational frictions help account for the variation in management.

Published: Bloom, N. , Lemos, R. , Sadun, R. , Scur, D. and Reenen, J. (2014), JEEA‐FBBVA LECTURE 2013: THE NEW EMPIRICAL ECONOMICS OF MANAGEMENT. Journal of the European Economic Association, 12: 835-876. doi:10.1111/jeea.12094

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