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NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2020Local Polynomial Order in Regression Discontinuity Designs
with Zhuan Pei, David Card, Andrea Weber: w27424
February 2019Are Sufficient Statistics Necessary? Nonparametric Measurement of Deadweight Loss from Unemployment Insurance
with Pauline Leung, Christopher J. O'Leary, Zhuan Pei, Simon Quach: w25574
October 2016Regression Kink Design: Theory and Practice
with David Card, Zhuan Pei, Andrea Weber: w22781
November 2012Nonlinear Policy Rules and the Identification and Estimation of Causal Effects in a Generalized Regression Kink Design
with David Card, Zhuan Pei, Andrea Weber: w18564
May 2010Program Evaluation and Research Designs
with John DiNardo: w16016

Published: “Program Evaluation and Research Designs” with John DiNard o, in Handbook of Labor Economics, Volume 4A , Orley Ashenfelter and David Card, ed., Elsevier B.V., 2011.

February 2009Regression Discontinuity Designs in Economics
with Thomas Lemieux: w14723

Published: David S. Lee & Thomas Lemieux, 2010. "Regression Discontinuity Designs in Economics," Journal of Economic Literature, American Economic Association, vol. 48(2), pages 281-355, June. citation courtesy of

Long-Run Impacts of Unions on Firms: New Evidence from Financial Markets, 1961-1999
with Alexandre Mas: w14709

Published: The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2012) 127 (1): 333-378. doi: 10.1093/qje/qjr058 First published online: January 16, 2012 citation courtesy of

September 2008Optimal Minimum Wage Policy in Competitive Labor Markets
with Emmanuel Saez: w14320

Published: David Lee & Emmanuel Saez, 2012. "Optimal minimum wage policy in competitive labor markets," Journal of Public Economics, vol 96(9-10), pages 739-749. citation courtesy of

March 2006Regression Discontinuity Inference with Specification Error
with David Card: t0322
October 2005Training, Wages, and Sample Selection: Estimating Sharp Bounds on Treatment Effects

Published: Lee, David. “Training, Wages, and Sample Selection: Estimating Sharp Bounds on Treatment Effects.” Review of Economic Studies 76(3), 1071-1102. 2009

July 2005Crime, Punishment, and Myopia
with Justin McCrary: w11491
July 2004Economic Impacts of Unionization on Private Sector Employers: 1984-2001
with John DiNardo: w10598

Published: DiNardo, John and David S. Lee. “Economic Impacts of New Unionization on U.S. Private Sector Employers: 1984-2001." Quarterly Journal of Economics 119, 4 (2004): 1383-1442.

June 2004The Costs of Low Birth Weight
with Douglas Almond, Kenneth Y. Chay: w10552

Published: Almond, Douglas, Kenneth Y. Chay and David S. Lee. "The Costs Of Low Birth Weight," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2005, v120(3,Aug), 1031-1083. citation courtesy of

November 2002Credibility and Policy Convergence: Evidence from U.S. House Roll Call Voting Records
with Enrico Moretti, Matthew J. Butler: w9315
June 2002Trimming for Bounds on Treatment Effects with Missing Outcomes
The Impact of Unionization on Establishment Closure: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Representation Elections
with John DiNardo: w8993
August 2001The Electoral Advantage to Incumbency and Voters' Valuation of Politicians' Experience: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Elections to the U.S...

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