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NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2017Internal Capital Markets in Times of Crisis: The Benefit of Group Affiliation in Italy
with Raffaele Santioni, Philip E. Strahan: w23541

Published: Raffaele Santioni & Fabio Schiantarelli & Philip E Strahan, 2020. "Internal Capital Markets in Times of Crisis: The Benefit of Group Affiliation*," Review of Finance, vol 24(4), pages 773-811.

February 2016Bank Quality, Judicial Efficiency and Borrower Runs: Loan Repayment Delays in Italy
with Massimiliano Stacchini, Philip E. Strahan: w22034
May 2014Culture: Persistence and Evolution
with Francesco Giavazzi, Ivan Petkov: w20174

Published: Francesco Giavazzi & Ivan Petkov & Fabio Schiantarelli, 2019. "Culture: persistence and evolution," Journal of Economic Growth, vol 24(2), pages 117-154. citation courtesy of

April 2012Productivity and the Welfare of Nations
with Susanto Basu, Luigi Pascali, Luis Serven: w17971
December 2009Productivity, Welfare and Reallocation: Theory and Firm-Level Evidence
with Susanto Basu, Luigi Pascali, Luis Serven: w15579
October 2009Culture, Policies and Labor Market Outcomes
with Francesco Giavazzi, Michel Serafinelli: w15417

Published: Attitude, Policies and Work (12/2013) Francesco Giavazzi, Fabio Schiantarelli and Michel Serafinelli Journal of the European Economic Association vol. 11 (6), pp. 1256-1289

March 2003Regulation and Investment
with Alberto Alesina, Silvia Ardagna, Giuseppe Nicoletti: w9560

Published: Alberto Alesina & Silvia Ardagna & Giuseppe Nicoletti & Fabio Schiantarelli, 2005. "Regulation And Investment," Journal of the European Economic Association, MIT Press, vol. 3(4), pages 791-825, 06. citation courtesy of

July 1999Fiscal Policy, Profits, and Investment
with Alberto Alesina, Silvia Ardagna, Roberto Perotti: w7207

Published: Alesina, Alberto, Silva Ardagna, Roberto Perotti and Fabio Schiantarelli. "Fiscal Policy, Profits, And Investment," American Economic Review, 2002, v92(3,Jun), 571-589. citation courtesy of

January 1990Investment, Financial Factors, and Cash Flow: Evidence from U.K. Panel Data
with Michael Devereux
in Asymmetric Information, Corporate Finance, and Investment, R. Glenn Hubbard, editor
September 1989Investment, Finacial Factors and Cash Flow: Evidence From UK Panel Data
with Michael Devereux: w3116

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