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Institutional Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2017Comments
in Education, Skills, and Technical Change: Implications for Future US GDP Growth, Charles R. Hulten and Valerie A. Ramey, editors
May 2007Inequality and Institutions in 20th Century America
with Peter Temin: w13106
June 2001The Skill Content of Recent Technological Change: An Empirical Exploration
with David H. Autor, Richard J. Murnane: w8337


September 2000Upstairs, Downstairs: Computer-Skill Complementarity and Computer-Labor Substitution on Two Floors of a Large Bank
with David H. Autor, Richard Murnane: w7890

Published: Autor, David, Frank Levy and Richard J. Murnane. "Upstairs, Downstairs: Computers And Skills On Two Floors Of A Large Bank," International Labor Relations Review, 2002, v55(3,Apr), 432-447.

May 1995Are Lots of College Graduates Taking High School Jobs? A Reconsiderationof the Evidence
with John Tyler, Richard J. Murnane: w5127

Published: new title: "Are more college graduates really taking 'high schoo;' jobs? Areconsideration of data is neede to separate anecdotes and misinterpretations from the facts," in Monthly Labor Review, vol.118, no. 12, December 1995pp. 18-27

March 1995The Growing Importance of Cognitive Skills in Wage Determination
with Richard J. Murnane, John B. Willett: w5076

Published: Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. lxxvii, no. 2, may 1995, pp. 251- 266. citation courtesy of

1989Recent Trends in U.S. Earnings and Family Incomes
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1989, Volume 4, Olivier J. Blanchard and Stanley Fischer, editors
1985Happiness, Affluence, and Altruism in the Postwar Period
in Horizontal Equity, Uncertainty, and Economic Well-Being, Martin David and Timothy Smeeding, editors

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