Glenn Loury

Department of Economics
Brown University
64 Waterman Street
Providence RI 02912

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Institutional Affiliation: Brown University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

December 2010Valuing Identity
with Roland G. Fryer, Jr.: w16568

Published: Valuing Diversity Roland G. Fryer Jr. and Glenn C. Loury Journal of Political Economy Vol. 121, No. 4 (August 2013), pp. 747-774

July 2005Affirmative Action and Its Mythology
with Roland G. Fryer, Jr.: w11464

Published: Fryer, Roland G., Jr. and Glenn C. Loury. "Affirmative Action and Its Mythology," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2005, v19(3,Summer), 147-162. citation courtesy of

November 2003Categorical Redistribution in Winner-Take-All Markets
with Roland G. Fryer: w10104
Color-Blind Affirmative Action
with Roland Fryer, Tolga Yuret: w10103

Published: Fryer, Roland G., Jr., Glenn C. Loury, and Tolga Yuret. "An Economic Analysis of Color-Blind Affirmative Action." Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 24, 2 (October 2008): 319-55.

1986The Effects of Attitudes and Aspirations on the Labor Supply of Young Men
with Linda Datcher-Loury
in The Black Youth Employment Crisis, Richard B. Freeman and Harry J. Holzer, editors

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