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NBER Working Papers and Publications

December 2019Voluntary Disclosure and Personalized Pricing
with S. Nageeb Ali, Shoshana Vasserman: w26592
June 2016Dynamic Demand Estimation in Auction Markets
with Matthew Backus: w22375
February 2016Just Starting Out: Learning and Equilibrium in a New Market
with Ulrich Doraszelski, Ariel Pakes: w21996

Published: Ulrich Doraszelski & Gregory Lewis & Ariel Pakes, 2018. "Just Starting Out: Learning and Equilibrium in a New Market," American Economic Review, vol 108(3), pages 565-615. citation courtesy of

December 2012Buy-it-now or Take-a-chance: Price Discrimination through Randomized Auctions
with L. Elisa Celis, Markus M. Mobius, Hamid Nazerzadeh: w18590

Published: L. Elisa Celis & Gregory Lewis & Markus Mobius & Hamid Nazerzadeh, 2014. "Buy-It-Now or Take-a-Chance: Price Discrimination Through Randomized Auctions," Management Science, INFORMS, vol. 60(12), pages 2927-2948, December. citation courtesy of

December 2011Moral Hazard, Incentive Contracts and Risk: Evidence from Procurement
with Patrick Bajari: w17647

Published: Moral Hazard, Incentive Contracts, and Risk: Evidence from Procurement Gregory Lewis Harvard University and NBER Patrick Bajari Review of Economic Studies (2014) 81 (3): 1201-1228. citation courtesy of

April 2009Procurement Contracting with Time Incentives: Theory and Evidence
with Patrick Bajari: w14855

Published: Gregory Lewis & Patrick Bajari, 2011. "Procurement Contracting With Time Incentives: Theory and Evidence," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford University Press, vol. 126(3), pages 1173-1211. citation courtesy of

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