Hengyong Mo

CUNY Graduate Center

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Institutional Affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center

NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2005World Trade Flows: 1962-2000
with Robert C. Feenstra, Robert E. Lipsey, Haiyan Deng, Alyson C. Ma: w11040
We document a set of bilateral trade data by commodity for 1962-2000, which is available from www.nber.org/data (International Trade Data, NBER-UN world trade data). Users must agree not to resell or distribute the data for 1984-2000. The data are organized by the 4-digit Standard International Trade Classification, revision 2, with country codes similar to the United Nations classification. This dataset updates the Statistics Canada World Trade Database as described in Feenstra, Lipsey, and Bowen (1997), which was available for years 1970-1992. In that database, Statistics Canada had revised the United Nations trade data, mostly derived from the export side, to fit the Canadian trade classification and in some cases to add data not available from the export reports. In contrast, in the ne...

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