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March 2003An Econometric Model of Serial Correlation and Illiquidity in Hedge Fund Returns
with Mila Getmansky, Andrew W. Lo: w9571
The returns to hedge funds and other alternative investments are often highly serially correlated in sharp contrast to the returns of more traditional investment vehicles such as long-only equity portfolios and mutual funds. In this paper, we explore several sources of such serial correlation and show that the most likely explanation is illiquidity exposure, i.e., investments in securities that are not actively traded and for which market prices are not always readily available. For portfolios of illiquid securities, reported returns will tend to be smoother than true economic returns, which will understate volatility and increase risk-adjusted performance measures such as the Sharpe ratio. We propose an econometric model of illiquidity exposure and develop estimators for the smoothing pro...

Published: Getmansky, Mila, Andrew W. Lo and Igor Makarov. "An Econometric Model Of Serial Correlation And Illiquidity In Hedge Fund Returns," Journal of Financial Economics, 2004, v74(3,Dec), 529-609. citation courtesy of

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