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April 2010Balance Sheet Adjustments in the 2008 Crisis
with Zhiguo He, Arvind Krishnamurthy: w15919
We measure how securitized assets, including mortgage-backed securities and other asset-backed securities, have shifted across financial institutions over this crisis and how the availability of financing has accommodated such shifts. Sectors dependent on repo financing - in particular, the hedge fund and broker-dealer sector - have reduced asset holdings, while the commercial banking sector, which has had access to more stable funding sources, has increased asset holdings. The banking sector also increased its leverage dramatically over this crisis. These findings are important to understand the role played by the government during the crisis as well as to understand the factors determining asset prices and liquidity during the crisis.

Published: Balance Sheet Adjustment in the 2008 Crisis, 2010, with In Gu Khang and Arvind Krishnamurthy, IMF Economic Review 1 , pp. 118 - 156.

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