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September 1984Estimating the Covariates of Historical Heights
with Kenneth W. Wachter: w1455
Data on human height can provide an index that may measure more accurately changes in the standard of living than the more conventional real wage index. Height data, like those on real wages, are relatively abundant and extend back to the seventeenth century. In a previous paper, we developed and tested procedures for estimating the mean and standard deviation of the distribution of human height when the sample is distorted to an unknown extent by missing observations at lower heights. The purpose of this analysis is to extend our techniques so that the covariates of height can be estimated. Such an extension is necessary when trying to draw inferences about the causes of shifts over time in the height distribution so that changes in sample composition can be controlled.
June 1983What Are the Determinants of Delayed Childbearing and Permanent Childlessness in the United States?
with David E. Bloom: w1140
This paper presents estimates of delayed childbearing and permanent childlessness in the United States and the determinants of those phenomena.The estimates are derived by fitting the Coale-McNeil marriage model to survey data on age at first birth and by letting the parameters of the model depend on covariates. Substantively, the results provide evidence that the low first birth fertility rates experienced in the 1970's were due to both delayed childbearing and to increasing levels of permanent childlessness. The results also indicate that (a) delayed childbearing is less prevalent among blackwomen than among non-black women, (b) education and labor force participation are important determinants of delayed childbearing, (c) the influence of education and labor force participation on delay...

Published: Bloom, David E. and James Trussell. "What Are the Determinants of Delayed Childbearing and Permanent Childlessness in the United States?" Demography ,November 1984, 21(4) pp. 591-611. citation courtesy of

May 1982Changes in American and British Stature Since the Mid-Eighteenth Century: A Prelimanary Report on the Usefulness of Data on Height...
with Robert W. Fogel, Stanley L. Engerman, Roderick Floud, Richard H. Steckel: w0890
This paper is a progress report on the usefulness of data on physical height for the analysis of long-ten changes in the level of nutrition and health on economic, social, and demographic behavior. It is based on a set of samples covering the U.S. and several other nations over the years from 1750 to the present. The preliminary results indicate that native-born. American Revolution, but there were long periods of declining nutrition and height during the 19th century. Similar cycling has been established for England. A variety of factors, including crop mix, urbanization, occupation, intensity of labor, and immigration affected the level of height and nutrition, although the relative importance of these factors has changed over time. There is evidence that nutrition affected labor product...
1982The Economics of Mortality in North America, 1650-1910: A Description ofa Research Project
with Robert W. Fogel, Stanley L. Engerman, Roderick Floud, Clayne L. Pope: r0236

Published: Fogel, Robert W.; Engerman, Stanley L.; Trussell, James; Floud, Roderick; and Pope, Clayne L., et al. "The Economics of Mortality in North America, 16 50-1910: A Description of a Research Project." Historical Methods, Vol. 11, No. 2, (Spring 1979), pp. 75-108.

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