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June 2013Patents as Signals for Startup Financing
with Annamaria Conti, Marie C. Thursby: w19191

Published: Patents as Signals for Startup Financing† Annamaria Conti1, Jerry Thursby1 andMarie Thursby2 The Journal of Industrial Economics Special Issue: SYMPOSIUM ON PATENTS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION. Edited by Mark Schankerman Volume 61, Issue 3, pages 592–622, September 2013 citation courtesy of

February 2010University Licensing: Harnessing or Tarnishing Faculty Research?
with Marie Thursby
in Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 10, Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, editors
University-Industry Spillovers, Government Funding, and Industrial Consulting
with Richard Jensen, Marie C. Thursby: w15732
September 2009Specific and General Information Sharing Among Academic Scientists
with Carolin Haeussler, Lin Jiang, Marie C. Thursby: w15315

Published: “General and Specific Information Sharing Among Academic Scientists,” (with Carolin Hauessler, Lin Jiang and Jerry Thursby), Research Policy, October 2013.

December 2008Conveying Quality and Value in Emerging Industries: Star Scientists and the Role of Learning in Biotechnology
with Matthew J. Higgins, Paula E. Stephan: w14602

Published: Research Policy 2011 | 40 | 4 | 605-617 Conveying quality and value in emerging industries: Star scientists and the role of signals in biotechnology Matthew J. Higgins Paula E. Stephan Jerry G. Thursby

August 2008Inventor Moral Hazard in University Licensing: The Role of Contracts
with Emmanuel Dechenaux, Marie C. Thursby: w14226

Published: Dechenaux, Emmanuel & Thursby, Jerry & Thursby, Marie, 2011. "Inventor moral hazard in university licensing: The role of contracts," Research Policy, Elsevier, vol. 40(1), pages 94-104, February. citation courtesy of

August 2007Are There Real Effects of Licensing on Academic Research? A Life Cycle View
with Marie C. Thursby, Swasti Gupta-Mukherjee
in Academic Science and Entrepreneurship: Dual Engines of Growth, Adam Jaffe, Josh Lerner, Scott Stern, Marie Thursby, organizers
July 2007US Faculty Patenting: Inside and Outside the University
with Anne Fuller, Marie Thursby: w13256

Published: Thursby, Jerry & Fuller, Anne W. & Thursby, Marie, 2009. "US faculty patenting: Inside and outside the university," Research Policy, Elsevier, vol. 38(1), pages 14-25, February. citation courtesy of

August 2005Are There Real Effects of Licensing on Academic Research? A Life Cycle View
with Marie Thursby, Swasti Gupta-Mukherjee: w11497

Published: Thursby, Marie & Thursby, Jerry & Gupta-Mukherjee, Swasti, 2007. "Are there real effects of licensing on academic research? A life cycle view," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Elsevier, vol. 63(4), pages 577-598, August. citation courtesy of

February 2005Shirking, Sharing Risk, and Shelving: The Role of University License Contracts
with Marie Thursby, Emmanuel Dechenaux: w11128

Published: Dechenaux, Emmanuel & Thursby, Marie & Thursby, Jerry, 2009. "Shirking, sharing risk and shelving: The role of university license contracts," International Journal of Industrial Organization, Elsevier, vol. 27(1), pages 80-91, January. citation courtesy of

September 2003Are Faculty Critical? Their Role in University-Industry Licensing
with Marie C. Thursby: w9991

Published: Jerry G. Thursby & Marie C. Thursby, 2004. "Are Faculty Critical? Their Role in University-Industry Licensing," Contemporary Economic Policy, Western Economic Association International, vol. 22(2), pages 162-178, 04. citation courtesy of

May 2003The Disclosure and Licensing of University Inventions
with Richard A. Jensen, Marie C. Thursby: w9734

Published: Jensen, Richard A., Jerry G. Thursby, and Marie C. Thursby. "Disclosure and Licensing of University Inventions: 'The Best We Can Do with the S**t We Get to Work With.'" International Journal of Industrial Organization 21, 9 (November 2003): 1271-1300.

May 2000Who is Selling the Ivory Tower? Sources of Growth in University Licensing
with Marie C. Thursby: w7718

Published: Thursby, Jerry G. and Marie C. Thursby. "Who Is Selling the Ivory Tower? Sources of Growth in University Licensing." Management Science 48, 1 Special Issue on University Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer (Jan 2002): 90-104. citation courtesy of

June 1994Interstate Cigarette Bootlegging: Extent, Revenue Losses, and Effects of Government Intervention
with Marie C. Thursby: w4763

Published: National Tax Journal (November 1999).

June 1988Smuggling, Camouflaging, and Market Structure
with Richard A. Jensen, Marie Thursby: w2630

Published: The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 106, No. 3, pp. 789-814, (August 1991). citation courtesy of

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