Jinqiang Yang

Shanghai University of Finance
and Economics
Guoding Rd. 777
Shanghai, 200433

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Institutional Affiliation: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2020Leverage Dynamics and Financial Flexibility
with Patrick Bolton, Neng Wang: w26802
February 2019The Endowment Model and Modern Portfolio Theory
with Stephen G. Dimmock, Neng Wang: w25559
September 2018Rare Disasters, Financial Development, and Sovereign Debt
with Sergio Rebelo, Neng Wang: w25031
February 2015Optimal Contracting, Corporate Finance, and Valuation with Inalienable Human Capital
with Patrick Bolton, Neng Wang: w20979

Published: PATRICK BOLTON & NENG WANG & JINQIANG YANG, 2019. "Optimal Contracting, Corporate Finance, and Valuation with Inalienable Human Capital," The Journal of Finance, vol 74(3), pages 1363-1429.

October 2014Investment under Uncertainty with Financial Constraints
with Patrick Bolton, Neng Wang: w20610

Published: Patrick Bolton & Neng Wang & Jinqiang Yang, 2019. "Investment under uncertainty with financial constraints," Journal of Economic Theory, .

November 2013Valuing Private Equity
with Morten Sorensen, Neng Wang: w19612

Published: Morten Sorensen & Neng Wang & Jinqiang Yang, 2014. "Valuing Private Equity," Review of Financial Studies, Society for Financial Studies, vol. 27(7), pages 1977-2021. citation courtesy of

August 2013Investment, Tobin's q, and Interest Rates
with Xioaji Lin, Chong Wang, Neng Wang: w19327

Published: Xiaoji Lin & Chong Wang & Neng Wang & Jinqiang Yang, 2018. "Investment, Tobin’s q, and interest rates," Journal of Financial Economics, vol 130(3), pages 620-640. citation courtesy of

Optimal Consumption and Savings with Stochastic Income and Recursive Utility
with Chong Wang, Neng Wang: w19319

Published: Journal of Economic Theory Volume 165, September 2016, Pages 292–331

March 2011The Economics of Hedge Funds: Alpha, Fees, Leverage, and Valuation
with Yingcong Lan, Neng Wang: w16842

Published: “The economics of hedge funds,” with Yingcong Lan and Ji nqiang Yang, Journal of Financial Economics, 110(2), 300 -­‐ 323, (2013)

A Unified Model of Entrepreneurship Dynamics
with Chong Wang, Neng Wang: w16843

Published: as "A unified model of entrepreneurship dynamics" in Journal of Financial Economics Volume 106, Issue 1, October 2012, Pages 1–23 citation courtesy of

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