João F. Gomes

University of Pennsylvania
Wharton School
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Institutional Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania

NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2018Foreseen Risks
with Marco Grotteria, Jessica Wachter: w25277
August 2017Cyclical Dispersion in Expected Defaults
with Marco Grotteria, Jessica A. Wachter: w23704

Published: João F Gomes & Marco Grotteria & Jessica A Wachter, 2019. "Cyclical Dispersion in Expected Defaults," The Review of Financial Studies, vol 32(4), pages 1275-1308. citation courtesy of

March 2007Durability of Output and Expected Stock Returns
with Leonid Kogan, Motohiro Yogo: w12986

Published: Gomes, Joao, Leonid Kogan, and Motohiro Yogo. "Durability of Output and Expected Stock Returns." Journal of Political Economy 117, 5 (October 2009): 941-986. citation courtesy of

December 2002Asset Prices and Business Cycles with Costly External Finance
with Amir Yaron, Lu Zhang: w9364

Published: Gomes, Joao F., Amir Yaron and Lu Zhang. "Asset Prices And Business Cycles With Costly External Finance," Review of Economic Dynamics, 2003, v6(3,Oct), 767-788. citation courtesy of

Asset Pricing Implications of Firms' Financing Constraints
with Amir Yaron, Lu Zhang: w9365

Published: Gomes, Joao F., Amir Yaron and Lu Zhang. "Asset Pricing Implications Of Firms' Financing Constraints," Review of Financial Studies, 2006, v19(4,Winter), 1321-1356. citation courtesy of

February 1997Equilibrium Unemployment
with Jeremy Greenwood, Sergio Rebelo: w5922

Published: Gomes, Joao, Jeremy Greenwood and Sergio Rebelo. "Equilibrium Unemployment," Journal of Monetary Economics, 2001, v48(1,Aug), 109-152. citation courtesy of

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