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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2019What is the Optimal Immigration Policy? Migration, Jobs and Welfare
with Sergio Rebelo, Pedro Teles: w26154
We study the immigration policy that maximizes the welfare of the native population in an economy where the government designs an optimal redistributive welfare system and supplies public goods. We show that when the government can design different tax systems for immigrants and natives, free immigration is optimal. It is also optimal to use the tax system to encourage the immigration of high-skill workers and discourage that of low-skill workers. When immigrants and natives must be treated alike, banning low-skill immigration and allowing free immigration for high-skill workers is optimal. However, there might be no high-skill immigration when heavy taxes are levied on all high-skill workers, both natives and immigrants.

Published: Joao Guerreiro & Sergio Rebelo & Pedro Teles, 2020. "What Is the Optimal Immigration Policy? Migration, Jobs, and Welfare," Journal of Monetary Economics, .

September 2017Should Robots be Taxed?
with Sergio Rebelo, Pedro Teles: w23806
We use a model of automation to show that with the current U.S. tax system, a fall in automation costs could lead to a massive rise in income inequality. This inequality can be reduced by making the current income-tax system more progressive and by taxing robots. But this solution involves a substantial efficiency loss. A Mirrleesian optimal income tax can reduce inequality at a smaller efficiency cost. An alternative approach is to amend the current tax system to include a lump-sum rebate. With the rebate in place, it is optimal to tax robots as long as there is partial automation.

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