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September 2003Does Marijuana Use Impair Human Capital Formation?
with Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Karen E. Ross: w9963
In this paper we examine the relationship between marijuana use and human capital formation by examining performance on standardized tests among a nationally representative sample of youths from the National Education Longitudinal Survey. We find that much of the negative association between cross-sectional measures of marijuana use and cognitive ability appears to be attenuated by individual differences in school attachment and general deviance. However, difference-in-difference estimates examining changes in test scores across 10th and 12th grade reveal that marijuana use remains statistically associated with a 15% reduction in performance on standardized math tests.
January 1999Tobacco Taxes and Public Policy to Discourage Smoking
with William N. Evans, Diana Stech
in Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 13, James Poterba, editor
April 1997Can Higher Cigarette Taxes Improve Birth Outcomes?
with William N. Evans: w5998
This study uses within-state variation in taxes over the 1989-1992 time period to test whether maternal smoking and birth outcomes are responsive to higher state cigarette taxes. Data on the outcomes of interest are taken from the Natality Detail files, generating a sample of roughly 10.5 million births. The results indicate that smoking participation declines when excise taxes are increased. The elasticity of demand for cigarettes is estimated to be appro- ximately -0.25. In addition, estimates of two-part models suggest that taxes only alter the probability a mother smokes and not average daily consumption conditional on smoking. Reduced-form models also indicate that higher excise taxes translate into higher birth weights. These two sets of results can be used to form an instrument...

Published: Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 72, no. 1 (April 1999): 135-154. citation courtesy of

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