Juan Carlos Gozzi

International Finance Division
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Washington, DC

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Institutional Affiliation: Federal Reserve Board Washington DC

NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2012How Firms Use Domestic and International Corporate Bond Markets
with Ross Levine, Maria Soledad Martinez Peria, Sergio L. Schmukler: w17763
This paper provides the first comprehensive documentation of the main features of corporate bond issues in domestic and international markets and analyzes how firms use these markets after they internationalize. We find that debt issues in domestic and international bond markets have different characteristics, not explained by differences across firms or their country of origin. International issues tend to be larger, of shorter maturity, denominated in foreign currency, and include a higher fraction of fixed rate contracts. Moreover, a large proportion of firms remain active in domestic bond markets after accessing international markets, and many of these firms use both markets for different types of issues. This evidence suggests that domestic and international bond markets provide diffe...
May 2009Patterns of International Capital Raisings
with Ross Levine, Sergio L. Schmukler: w14961
This paper documents several new patterns associated with firms issuing stocks and bonds in foreign markets that motivate the need for and help guide the direction of future research. Three major patterns stand out. (1) A large and growing fraction of capital raisings, especially debt issuances, occurs in international markets, but a very small number of firms accounts for the bulk of international capital raisings, highlighting the cross-firm heterogeneity in financial globalization. (2) Changes in firm performance following equity and debt issuances in international markets are qualitatively similar to those following domestic issuances, suggesting that capital raisings abroad are not intrinsically different from those in domestic markets. (3) Firms continue to issue securities both abro...

Published: Gozzi, Juan Carlos & Levine, Ross & Schmukler, Sergio L., 2010. "Patterns of international capital raisings," Journal of International Economics, Elsevier, vol. 80(1), pages 45-57, January. citation courtesy of

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