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NBER Working Papers and Publications

December 2018The Effect of Economic Conditions on the Disability Insurance Program: Evidence from the Great Recession
with Nicole Maestas, Alexander Strand: w25338
October 2018The Value of Working Conditions in the United States and Implications for the Structure of Wages
with Nicole Maestas, David Powell, Till von Wachter, Jeffrey B. Wenger: w25204
July 2016The Effect of Population Aging on Economic Growth, the Labor Force and Productivity
with Nicole Maestas, David Powell: w22452
Disability Benefit Generosity and Labor Force Withdrawal
with Stefan Staubli: w22419

Published: Mullen, Kathleen J. & Staubli, Stefan, 2016. "Disability benefit generosity and labor force withdrawal," Journal of Public Economics, Elsevier, vol. 143(C), pages 49-63. citation courtesy of

January 2015Does Delay Cause Decay? The Effect of Administrative Decision Time on the Labor Force Participation and Earnings of Disability Applicants
with David H. Autor, Nicole Maestas, Alexander Strand: w20840
April 2009Can You Get What You Pay For? Pay-For-Performance and the Quality of Healthcare Providers
with Richard G. Frank, Meredith B. Rosenthal: w14886

Published: Kathleen J. Mullen & Richard G. Frank & Meredith B. Rosenthal, 2010. "Can you get what you pay for? Pay-for-performance and the quality of healthcare providers," RAND Journal of Economics, RAND Corporation, vol. 41(1), pages 64-91. citation courtesy of

August 2003The Effect of Schooling and Ability on Achievement Test Scores
with Karsten Hansen, James J. Heckman: w9881

Published: Hansen, Karsten T. & Heckman, James J. & Mullen, K.J.Kathleen J., 2004. "The effect of schooling and ability on achievement test scores," Journal of Econometrics, Elsevier, vol. 121(1-2), pages 39-98. citation courtesy of

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