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NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2011Adverse Selection and Incentives in an Early Retirement Program
with Kenneth T. Whelan, Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Ronald L. Seeber: w17538

Published: “Adverse Selection and Incentives in Early Retirement Programs” (with K. Whelan, K. Hallock, and R. Seeber) Research in Labor Economics (2012)

October 2010New Data for Answering Old Questions Regarding Employee Stock Options
with Craig A. Olson
in Labor in the New Economy, Katharine G. Abraham, James R. Spletzer, and Michael Harper, editors
January 2006The Value of Stock Options to Non-Executive Employees
with Craig Olson: w11950
October 2000The Gender Gap in Top Corporate Jobs
with Marianne Bertrand: w7931

Published: Marianne Bertrand & Kevin F. Hallock, 2001. "The Gender Gap in Top Corporate Jobs," ILR Review, Cornell University, ILR School, vol. 55(1), pages 3-21, October. citation courtesy of

September 2000Does Managed Care Change the Mission of Nonprofit Hospitals? Evidence From the Managerial Labor Market
with Richard Arnould, Marianne Bertrand: w7924

Published: Arnould, Richard, Kevin Hallock and Marianne Bertrand. “Does Managed Care Change Nonprofit Hospitals’ Behavior? Evidence from the Managerial Labor Market." Industrial and Labor Relations Review 58, 3 (2005): 494-514.

July 2000When Unions "Mattered": Assessing the Impact of Strikes on Financial Markets: 1925-1937
with John DiNardo: w7794

Published: John DiNardo & Kevin F. Hallock, 2002. "When unions "mattered": The impact of strikes on financial markets, 1925-1937," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, ILR Review, ILR School, Cornell University, vol. 55(2), pages 219-233, January.

August 1999Have Employment Reductions Become Good News for Shareholders? The Effect of Job Loss Announcements on Stock Prices, 1970-97
with Henry S. Farber: w7295
December 1997Unions and Managerial Pay
with John DiNardo, Jorn-Steffen Pischke: w6318

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