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NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2019When Celebrities Speak: A Nationwide Twitter Experiment Promoting Vaccination In Indonesia
with Vivi Alatas, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Benjamin A. Olken, Cindy Paladines: w25589
January 2019Naive Learning with Uninformed Agents
with Abhijit Banerjee, Emily Breza, Arun G. Chandrasekhar: w25497
March 2015Treasure Hunt: Social Learning in the Field
with Tuan Phan, Adam Szeidl: w21014
December 2012Buy-it-now or Take-a-chance: Price Discrimination through Randomized Auctions
with L. Elisa Celis, Gregory Lewis, Hamid Nazerzadeh: w18590

Published: L. Elisa Celis & Gregory Lewis & Markus Mobius & Hamid Nazerzadeh, 2014. "Buy-It-Now or Take-a-Chance: Price Discrimination Through Randomized Auctions," Management Science, INFORMS, vol. 60(12), pages 2927-2948, December. citation courtesy of

May 2011Managing Self-Confidence: Theory and Experimental Evidence
with Muriel Niederle, Paul Niehaus, Tanya S. Rosenblat: w17014
February 2010Consumption Risk-sharing in Social Networks
with Attila Ambrus, Adam Szeidl: w15719

Published: Ambrus A, Mobius M, Szeidl A. Consumption Risk-sharing in Social Networks. American Economic Review. 2014;104(1):149-82. citation courtesy of

May 2007Directed Altruism and Enforced Reciprocity in Social Networks: How Much is A Friend Worth?
with Stephen Leider, Tanya Rosenblat, Quoc-Anh Do: w13135

Published: The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2009) 124 (4): 1815-1851. doi: 10.1162/qjec.2009.124.4.1815

Trust and Social Collateral
with Adam Szeidl: w13126

Published: Dean Karlan & Markus Mobius & Tanya Rosenblat & Adam Szeidl, 2009. "Trust and Social Collateral," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, MIT Press, vol. 124(3), pages 1307-1361, August. citation courtesy of

November 2006The Evolution of Work
with Raphael Schoenle: w12694

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