Mi Dai

Business School
Beijing Normal University
Beijing, 100875, CHINA

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Institutional Affiliation: Beijing Normal University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2017How Did China’s WTO Entry Affect U.S. Prices?
with Mary Amiti, Robert C. Feenstra, John Romalis: w23487
We analyze the effects of China’s rapid export expansion following WTO entry on U.S. prices, exploiting cross-industry variation in trade liberalization. Lower input tariffs boosted Chinese firms’ productivity, lowered costs, and, in conjunction with reduced U.S. tariff uncertainty, expanded export participation. We find that China’s WTO entry significantly reduced variety-adjusted U.S. manufacturing price indexes between 2000 and 2006. For the Chinese components of these indexes, one third of the beneficial impact comes from Chinese exporters lowering their prices, while two-thirds of the beneficial impact comes from the entry of new Chinese exporters. China’s WTO entry also led other countries exporting to the U.S. to lower their prices, which was partly offset by exit of these exporters...

Published: Mary Amiti & Mi Dai & Robert C. Feenstra & John Romalis, 2020. "How did China's WTO entry affect U.S. prices?," Journal of International Economics, .

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