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NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2020Socio-Demographic Factors Associated with Self-Protecting Behavior during the Covid-19 Pandemic
with Matthew V. Zahn, Michèle Belot, Eline van den Broek-Altenburg, Syngjoo Choi, Julian C. Jamison, Egon Tripodi: w27378
February 2019The Economic Value of Breaking Bad: Misbehavior, Schooling and the Labor Market
with Victor Ronda, Yu Zheng: w25602
December 2018Rational Self-Medication
with Michael E. Darden: w25371
November 2018Teacher Expectations Matter
with Seth Gershenson, Kyung Min Kang: w25255

Published: Nicholas W. Papageorge & Seth Gershenson & Kyung Min Kang, 2020. "Teacher Expectations Matter," The Review of Economics and Statistics, vol 102(2), pages 234-251.

The Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers
with Seth Gershenson, Cassandra M. D. Hart, Joshua Hyman, Constance Lindsay: w25254
September 2018Genes, Education, and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study
with Kevin Thom: w25114

Published: Nicholas W Papageorge & Kevin Thom, 2020. "Genes, Education, and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study," Journal of the European Economic Association, vol 18(3), pages 1351-1399.

The Right Stuff? Personality and Entrepreneurship
with Barton H. Hamilton, Nidhi Pande: w25006

Published: Barton H. Hamilton & Nicholas W. Papageorge & Nidhi Pande, 2019. "The right stuff? Personality and entrepreneurship," Quantitative Economics, vol 10(2), pages 643-691.

July 2018Positively Aware? Conflicting Expert Reviews and Demand for Medical Treatment
with Jorge F. Balat, Shaiza Qayyum: w24820
May 2018Genetic Endowments and Wealth Inequality
with Daniel Barth, Kevin Thom: w24642

Published: Daniel Barth & Nicholas W. Papageorge & Kevin Thom, 2020. "Genetic Endowments and Wealth Inequality," Journal of Political Economy, vol 128(4), pages 1474-1522.

Innovation and Diffusion of Medical Treatment
with Barton H. Hamilton, Andrés Hincapié, Robert A. Miller: w24577
December 2016Health, Human Capital and Domestic Violence
with Gwyn C. Pauley, Mardge Cohen, Tracey E. Wilson, Barton H. Hamilton, Robert A. Pollak: w22887

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