Nina Boyarchenko

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2016Taking Orders and Taking Notes: Dealer Information Sharing in Treasury Markets
with David O. Lucca, Laura Veldkamp: w22461
The use of order flow information by financial firms has come to the forefront of the regulatory debate. A central question is: Should a dealer who acquires information by taking client orders be allowed to use or share that information? We explore how information sharing affects dealers, clients and issuer revenues in U.S. Treasury auctions. Because one cannot observe alternative information regimes, we build a model, calibrate it to auction results data, and use it to quantify counter-factuals. We estimate that yearly auction revenues with full-information sharing (with clients and between dealers) would be $5 billion higher than in a "Chinese Wall" regime in which no information is shared. When information sharing enables collusion, the collusion costs revenue, but prohibiting informa...
April 2016Term Structures of Asset Prices and Returns
with David Backus, Mikhail Chernov: w22162
We explore the term structures of claims to a variety of cash flows, namely, U.S. government bonds (claims to dollars), foreign government bonds (claims to foreign currency), inflation-adjusted bonds (claims to the price index), and equity (claims to future equity indexes or dividends). The average term structures reflect the dynamics of the dollar pricing kernel, cash flow growth, and the interaction between the two. We use an affine model to illustrate how these two components can deliver term structures with a wide range of levels and shapes. Finally, we calibrate a representative agent economy to show that the evidence we document is consistent with the equilibrium models.

Published: David Backus & Nina Boyarchenko & Mikhail Chernov, 2018. "Term structures of asset prices and returns," Journal of Financial Economics, . citation courtesy of

National Bureau of Economic Research
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