Pascal J. Noel

University of Chicago Booth School of Business
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Chicago, IL 60637

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Institutional Affiliation: University of Chicago

NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2020Initial Impacts of the Pandemic on Consumer Behavior: Evidence from Linked Income, Spending, and Savings Data
with Natalie Bachas, Peter Ganong, Joseph S. Vavra, Arlene Wong, Diana Farrell, Fiona E. Greig: w27617
Why Do Borrowers Default on Mortgages? A New Method For Causal Attribution
with Peter Ganong: w27585
Wealth, Race, and Consumption Smoothing of Typical Income Shocks
with Peter Ganong, Damon Jones, Fiona E. Greig, Diana Farrell, Chris Wheat: w27552
May 2020US Unemployment Insurance Replacement Rates During the Pandemic
with Peter Ganong, Joseph S. Vavra: w27216
January 2019Consumer Spending During Unemployment: Positive and Normative Implications
with Peter Ganong: w25417

Published: Peter Ganong & Pascal Noel, 2019. "Consumer Spending during Unemployment: Positive and Normative Implications," American Economic Review, vol 109(7), pages 2383-2424.

August 2018Liquidity vs. Wealth in Household Debt Obligations: Evidence from Housing Policy in the Great Recession
with Peter Ganong: w24964

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