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September 2013Wages, Pensions, and Public-Private Sector Compensation Differentials for Older Workers
with Harvey S. Rosen: w19454
We use a sample of full-time workers over 50 years of age from the 2004 and 2006 waves of the Health and Retirement Study to investigate whether workers in federal, state, and local government receive more generous wage and pension compensation than private sector workers, ceteris paribus. With respect to hourly remuneration (wages plus employer contributions to defined contribution plans), federal workers earn a premium of about 28 log points, taking differences in employee characteristics into account. However, there are no statistically discernible differences between state and local workers and their private sector counterparts, ceteris paribus. These findings are about the same whether or not indicators of occupation are included in the model. On the other hand, pension wealth accumul...

Published: Vol 2, No 2 (2013) > Bewerunge Wages, Pensions, and Public-Private Sector Compensation Differentials for Older Workers Philipp Bewerunge, Harvey S. Rosen Public Administration Research

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