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NBER Working Papers and Publications

May 2019Racial Segregation in Housing Markets and the Erosion of Black Wealth
with Prottoy A. Akbar, Sijie Li, Allison Shertzer: w25805
October 2018Minority Representation in Local Government
with Brian Beach, Daniel B. Jones, Tate Twinam: w25192
April 2018The Origins of Urban Segregation in the United States
with Allison Shertzer NBER Reporter 2018 number 1
September 2017The External Costs of Transporting Petroleum Products by Pipelines and Rail: Evidence From Shipments of Crude Oil from North Dakota
with Karen Clay, Akshaya Jha, Nicholas Muller: w23852

Published: Karen Clay & Akshaya Jha & Nicholas Muller & Randall Walsh, 2019. "External Costs of Transporting Petroleum Products: Evidence from Shipments of Crude Oil from North Dakota by Pipelines and Rail," The Energy Journal, vol 40(1).

August 2017Collective Action, White Flight, and the Origins of Formal Segregation Laws
with Werner Troesken: w23691
September 2016Zoning and the Economic Geography of Cities
with Allison Shertzer, Tate Twinam: w22658

Published: Allison Shertzer & Tate Twinam & Randall P. Walsh, 2018. "ZONING AND THE ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY OF CITIES," Journal of Urban Economics, . citation courtesy of

August 2016How Do Voters Matter? Evidence from US Congressional Redistricting
with Daniel B. Jones: w22526

Published: Daniel B. Jones & Randall Walsh, 2017. "How do voters matter? Evidence from US congressional redistricting," Journal of Public Economics, . citation courtesy of

March 2016Racial Sorting and the Emergence of Segregation in American Cities
with Allison Shertzer: w22077

Published: Allison Shertzer & Randall P. Walsh, 2019. "Racial Sorting and the Emergence of Segregation in American Cities," The Review of Economics and Statistics, vol 101(3), pages 415-427. citation courtesy of

October 2014W.U.I. on Fire: Risk, Salience & Housing Demand
with Shawn J. McCoy: w20644
Foreclosure, Vacancy and Crime
with Lin Cui: w20593

Published: Cui, Lin & Walsh, Randall, 2015. "Foreclosure, vacancy and crime," Journal of Urban Economics, Elsevier, vol. 87(C), pages 72-84. citation courtesy of

September 2014Cities and the Environment
with Matthew E. Kahn: w20503
May 2014Race, Ethnicity, and Discriminatory Zoning
with Allison Shertzer, Tate Twinam: w20108


April 2014Promise Scholarship Programs as Place-Making Policy: Evidence from School Enrollment and Housing Prices
with Michael LeGower: w20056

Published: Michael LeGower & Randall Walsh, 2017. "Promise scholarship programs as place-making policy: Evidence from school enrollment and housing prices," Journal of Urban Economics, vol 101, pages 74-89. citation courtesy of

December 2012A Poll Tax by any Other Name: The Political Economy of Disenfranchisement
with Daniel B. Jones, Werner Troesken: w18612
September 2011Smooth Politicians and Paternalistic Voters: A Theory of Large Elections
with Marco Faravelli: w17397
June 2010Segregation and Tiebout Sorting: Investigating the Link between Investments in Public Goods and Neighborhood Tipping
with H. Spencer Banzhaf: w16057

Published: "Segregation and Tiebout Sorting: The Link between Place-Based Investments and Neighborhood Tipping," Journal of Urban Economics 74, 2013, pp. 83-98 (with R.P. Walsh).

March 2009The Effect of Property Taxes on Location Decisions:Evidence From the Market for Vacation Homes
with Erik B. Johnson: w14793
May 2008Who Gentrifies Low-Income Neighborhoods?
with Terra McKinnish, Kirk White: w14036

Published: McKinnish, Terra & Walsh, Randall & Kirk White, T., 2010. "Who gentrifies low-income neighborhoods?," Journal of Urban Economics, Elsevier, vol. 67(2), pages 180-193, March. citation courtesy of

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