Richard Jensen

Dept. of Economics
University of Notre Dame
434 Flanner Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

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Institutional Affiliation: University of Notre Dame

NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2010University-Industry Spillovers, Government Funding, and Industrial Consulting
with Jerry Thursby, Marie C. Thursby: w15732
July 2005University Invention, Entrepreneurship, and Start-Ups
with Celestine Chukumba: w11475
September 2004Patent Licensing and the Research University
with Marie C. Thursby: w10758
May 2003The Disclosure and Licensing of University Inventions
with Jerry G. Thursby, Marie C. Thursby: w9734

Published: Jensen, Richard A., Jerry G. Thursby, and Marie C. Thursby. "Disclosure and Licensing of University Inventions: 'The Best We Can Do with the S**t We Get to Work With.'" International Journal of Industrial Organization 21, 9 (November 2003): 1271-1300.

August 1998Proofs and Prototypes for Sale: The Tale of University Licensing
with Marie Thursby: w6698

Published: Jensen, Richard and Marie Thursby. "Proofs And Prototypes For Sale: The Licensing Of University Inventions," American Economic Review, 2001, v91(1,Mar), 240-259.

October 1991Patent Races, Product Standards, and International Competition
with Marie Thursby: w3870

Published: International Economic Review, Volume 37, #1, pp. 21-49, February 1996 citation courtesy of

May 1989Tariffs with Private Information and Reputation
with Marie Thursby: w2959

Published: Journal of International Economics, Vol. 29, pp. 43-67, (1990). citation courtesy of

June 1988Smuggling, Camouflaging, and Market Structure
with Jerry Thursby, Marie Thursby: w2630

Published: The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 106, No. 3, pp. 789-814, (August 1991). citation courtesy of

1985Determinants of Slave and Crew Mortality in the Atlantic Slave Trade
with Richard H. Steckel: w1540

Published: Journal of Economic History, vol.46, no.1, pp57-77, March 1986.

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