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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2010Crime Displacement and Police Interventions: Evidence from London's "Operation Theseus"
with Mirko Draca, Stephen Machin
in The Economics of Crime: Lessons for and from Latin America, Rafael Di Tella, Sebastian Edwards, and Ernesto Schargrodsky, editors
April 2002The Policy Context and Infant and Toddler Care in the Welfare Reform Era
with Ann Witte, Magaly Queralt, Harriet Griesinger: w8893
April 2001What We Spend and What We Get: Public and Private Provision of Crime Prevention
with Ann Dryden Witte: w8204


  • Witte, Anne Dryden and Robert Witt. “What We Spend and What We Get: Crime and Criminal Justice, a Multinational Examination.” Fiscal Studies 22, 1 (March 2001): 1-40.
  • Miles, D., G. Myles & I. Preston (eds.) THE ECONOMICS OF PUBLIC SPENDING. London: Oxford University Press, 2003.

March 2000Child Care and the Welfare to Work Transition
with Robert J. Lemke, Ann Dryden Witte, Magaly Queralt: w7583
November 1998Crime, Imprisonment, and Female Labor Force Participation: A Time-Series Approach
with Ann Dryden Witte: w6786

Published: Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Vol. 16 (March 2000): 69-85.

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