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Institutional Affiliation: University of Maryland, Emeritus

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2002Changing Labor Market Opportunities for Women and the Quality of Teachers 1957-1992
with Sean P. Corcoran, William N. Evans: w9180

Published: Corcoran, Sean P., William N. Evans and Robert M. Schwab. "Changing Labor-Market Opportunities For Women And The Quality Of Teachers, 1957-2000," American Economic Review, 2004, v94(2,May), 230-235.

November 1993Endogenous Growth, Public Capital, and the Convergence of Regional Manufacturing Industries
with Charles R. Hulten: w4538

Published: Published as "Public Capital Formation and the Growth of Regional Manufacturing Industries", NTJ, Vol. 45, no. 4 (1992): 121-134.

December 1991Consumption Taxes in a Life-Cycle Framework: Are Sin Taxes Regressive?
with Andrew B. Lyon: w3932

Published: Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 77, no. 3 (1995): 389-406. citation courtesy of

1988Income Originating in the State and Local Sector
with Charles R. Hulten
in Fiscal Federalism: Quantitative Studies, Harvey S. Rosen, editor
July 1987Income Originating in the State and Local Sector
with Charles R. Hulten: w2314

Published: Hulten, Charles R. and Robert M. Schwab. "Income Originating in the State and Local Sector," Fiscal Federalism: Quantitative Studies, edited by Harvey S. Rosen. Chicago: UCP, 1988.

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