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July 2015The Impact of Trading on the Costs and Benefits of the Acid Rain Program
with B. Andrew Chupp, Maureen L. Cropper, Nicholas Z. Muller: w21383
This study quantifies the cost savings from the Acid Rain Program (ARP) compared with a command-and-control alternative and also examines the impact of trading under the ARP on health damages. To quantify cost savings, we compare compliance costs for non-NSPS (New Source Performance Standards) coal-fired Electricity Generating Units (EGUs) under the ARP with compliance costs under a uniform performance standard that achieves the same aggregate emissions. We do this for the year 2002, the third year of Phase II of the program. We find annual cost savings of approximately $240 million (1995$). To examine the health effects of trading, we compute the health damages associated with observed sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions from all units regulated under the ARP in 2002—approximately 10.2 million...

Published: H. Ron Chan & B. Andrew Chupp & Maureen L. Cropper & Nicholas Z. Muller, 2017. "The Impact of Trading on the Costs and Benefits of the Acid Rain Program," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, . citation courtesy of

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