Shreekanth Mahendiran

University of Lausanne

E-Mail: shreekanth.mahendiran@unil.ch
Institutional Affiliation: University of Lausanne

NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2020Can Greater Access to Education Be Inequitable? New Evidence from India’s Right to Education Act
with Chirantan Chatterjee, Eric A. Hanushek: w27377
India took a decisive step towards universal basic education by proclaiming a constitutionally-guaranteed Right to Education (RTE) Act in 2009 that called for full access of children aged 6-14 to free schooling. This paper considers the offsetting effects to RTE from induced expansion of private tutoring in the educationally competitive districts of India. We develop a unique database of registrations of new private educational institutions offering tutorial services by local district between 2001-2015. We estimate the causal impact of RTE on private supplemental education by comparing the growth of these private tutorial institutions in districts identified a priori as having very competitive educational markets to those that had less competitive educational markets. We find a strong ...

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