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Institutional Affiliation: University of California at Los Angeles

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 1992Political Instability and Economic Growth
with Alberto Alesina, Nouriel Roubini, Phillip Swagel: w4173

Published: Journal of Economic Growth, vol.1, no.2, pp. 189-212, June 1996. citation courtesy of

January 1992Have Commercial Banks Ignored History?

Published: American Economic Review, Vol. 83, no. 3 (1993): 608-620.

External Shocks, Politics and Private Investment: Some Theory and Empirical Evidence
with Dani Rodrik: w3960

Published: Journal of Development Economics July, 1992 citation courtesy of

Bank Exposure, Capital and Secondary Market Discounts on the Developing Country Debt
with Harry Huizinga: w3961
July 1991External Debt and Political Instability
with Guido Tabellini: w3772
March 1991Debt Concentration and Secondary Markets Prices: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
with Raquel Fernandez: w3654

Published: International Economic Review, Vol. 40 (1999): 333-355.

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