Sweder van Wijnbergen

E-Mail: svw.heas@planet.nl
Institutional Affiliation: University of Amsterdam

NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 1989Signalling, Wage Controls and Monetary Disinflation Policy
with Torsten Persson: w2939

Published: Economic Journal, Vol. 103 (1993): 79-97. citation courtesy of

Capital Controls and the Real Exchange Rate

Published: Economica, Vol. 57, no. 225 (1990): 15-28. citation courtesy of

October 1988Inflation, External Debt and Financial Sector Reform: A Quantitative Approach To Consistent Fiscal Policy With An Application to Turkey
with Ritu Anand: w2731
1988Fiscal Policy, Trade Intervention, and World Interest Rates: An Empirical Analysis
in International Aspects of Fiscal Policies, Jacob A. Frenkel, editor
September 1987Finanial Policy and Speculative Runs with a Crawling Peg: Argentina 1979-1981
with Robert E. Cumby: w2376

Published: Journal of International Economics, vol. 27, no.1/2, pp. 111-127, August 1989. citation courtesy of

August 1987Tariffs, the Real Exchange Rate and the Terms of Trade: On Two Popular Propositions in International Economics
with Sebastian Edwards: w2365

Published: Oxford Economic Papers, Vol. 39, pp. 458-464, (1987). citation courtesy of

June 1987Monopolistic Competition, Credibility and the Output Costs of Disinflation Programs: An Analysis of Price Controls

Published: van Wijnbergen, Sweder. "Monopolistic Competition, Credibility and the Output Costs of Disinflation Programs: An Analysis of Price Controls." Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 29, no. 3, (November 1988): pp. 375-398. citation courtesy of

May 1987Tariffs, Employment and the Current Account: Real Wage Resistance and the Macroeconomics of Protectionism

Published: International Economic Review, Vol. 28, no. 3 (1987): 691-706. citation courtesy of

Excess Capacity, Monopolistic Competition, and International Transmission of Monetary Disturbances
with Lars E.O. Svensson: w2262

Published: The Economic Journal, Vol. 99, No. 397, pp. 785-805, (September 1989). citation courtesy of

1987Fiscal Deficits, Exchange Rate Crises and Inflation

Published: Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 58, no. 193 (1991): 81-92. citation courtesy of

1986Exchange Rate Management and Stabilization Policies in Developing Countries
in Economic Adjustment and Exchange Rates in Developing Countries, Sebastian Edwards and Liaquat Ahamed, editors
December 1983The Welfare Effects of Trade and Capital Market Liberalization: Consequences of Different Sequencing Scenarios
with Sebastian Edwards: w1245

Published: Edwards, Sebastian and Sweder van Wijnbergen. "The Welfare Effects of Tradeand Capital Market Liberalization." International Economic Review, Vol. 27 , No.1, (February 1986), pp. 141-148.

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