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Institutional Affiliation: Treasury, Italy

NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 1991The European Central Bank: Reshaping Monetary Politics in Europe
with Alberto Alesina: w3860

Published: in Canzoneri, M., V. Grilli and P. Masson (eds.) "Establishing a Central Bank: Issues in Europe and Lessons from the U.S." Cambridge University Press, 1992. pages 49-76

November 1989The "Gold Standard Paradox" and its Resolution
with Willem H. Buiter: w3178

Paul Krugman and Marcus Miller, editors, "Anomalous Speculative Attacks on Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes," Exchange Rates and Currency Bands. Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 1991.

August 1989Nominal Exchange Rate Regimes and the Real Exhange Rate, Evidence from the U.S. and Britain, 1885-1986
with Graciela Kaminsky: w3067

Published: Published as "Nominal Exchange Rate Regimes and the Real Exchange Rate, Evidence from the United States and Britain, 1885-1986", Journal of Monetary Economics.

Financial Integration, Liquidity and Exchange Rates
with Nouriel Roubini: w3088


  • as "Liquidity and exchange rates," Journal of International Economics. Volume 32, Issues 3-4, May 1992, Pages 339-352
  • Journal of International Money and Finance, 1993, vol. 12, issue 2, pages 139-153

November 1988Bank Runs in Open Economies and The International Transmission of Panics
with Peter M. Garber: w2764

Published: Journal of International Economics, Vol. 27, nos. 1/2 (1989): 165-176. citation courtesy of

Seigniorage in Europe

Published: From A European Central Bank? edited by Marcell de Cecco and Alberto Giovannini. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1989.

1988Fiscal Policies and the Dollar/Pound Exchange Rate: 1870-1984

Published: Grilli, Vittorio and Graciela Kaminsky. "Nominal Exchange Rate Regimes And The Real Exchange Rate: Evidence From The United States And Great Britain, 1885-1986," Journal of Monetary Economics, 1991, v27(2), 191-212.

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