Yoshio Nozawa

Lee Shau Kee Business Building
HKUST Business School
Clearwater Bay Road
Hong Kong, China
Sai Kung, NT
Hong Kong

E-Mail: nozawa@ust.hk
Institutional Affiliation: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2020Book-to-Market, Mispricing, and the Cross-Section of Corporate Bond Returns
with Söhnke M. Bartram, Mark Grinblatt: w27655
We study the role played by “bond book-to-market” ratios in U.S. corporate bond pricing. Controlling for numerous risk factors tied to default and priced asset risk, including yield-to-maturity, we find that the ratio of a corporate bond’s book value to its market price strongly predicts the bond’s future return. The quintile of bonds with the highest book-to-market ratios outperforms the quintile with the lowest ratios by more than 3% per year, other things equal. Additional evidence on signal delay, scope of signal efficacy, and factor risk rejects the thesis that the corporate bond market is perfectly informationally efficient, although significant positive alpha spreads are erased by transaction costs.
December 2014Option-Based Credit Spreads
with Christopher L. Culp, Pietro Veronesi: w20776
We present a novel empirical benchmark for analyzing credit risk using “pseudo firms” that purchase traded assets financed with equity and zero-coupon bonds. By no-arbitrage, pseudo bonds are equivalent to Treasuries minus put options on pseudo-firm assets. Empirically, like corporate spreads, pseudo-bond spreads are large, countercyclical, and predict lower economic growth. Using this framework, we find that bond market illiquidity, investors’ over-estimation of default risks, and corporate frictions do not seem to explain excessive observed credit spreads, but, instead, a risk premium for tail and idiosyncratic asset risks is the primary determinant of corporate spreads.

Published: Christopher L. Culp & Yoshio Nozawa & Pietro Veronesi, 2018. "Option-Based Credit Spreads," American Economic Review, vol 108(2), pages 454-488.

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